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Executive Search / Headhunting

Professional consultants with an aggregate of 20 years of experience in recruitment and human resources Personalized service catering to your specific corporate needs.

We aim to give our clients one of the best attracting leading top caliber positions from rank and file to middle managers to senior managers. If in case there will be back-outs or set-back, we provide fast and reliable ready replacement to take the vacated role.

Payroll Processing

We make sure that part of our services is to help you our clients when it comes to the preparation of payroll such as payroll-related reports, and government-mandated reports. We coordinate with banks and other government agencies to ensure our employees will not absent from work to attend to these needs

Time Keeping

and Attendance Monitor

Part of our service is to ensure our clients that we are here to keep track of time of our employees. This is to ensure deliverables are met by our deployment. We install company biometrics for easy monitoring. We can readily provide compilation and consolidation of attendance data when requested.

 Through this process we can keep track of the employee’s tardiness, absences and leave balance as well as their accounting summaries

Soft Skills Training

We customize trainings depending on our employees’ and client’s need. We also have seasoned resource speakers that we can invite depending in their field of expertise. We do this to ensure that our employees are ready to take the challenges that our clients have.

Other HR Back-Office



Our back-office services include efficient communication system with our client, close coordination with our employees, service providers, for their benefit administration, insurance and HMO. We can also liaise with government agencies and banks when it comes to human resource matters